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Types of Eucalyptus for your DIY Wedding

How to know what type of Eucalyptus to use.

Ok so I’m writing this just as much for me as for you.

Eucalyptus… the influencer we all want at our wedding and we want to be her best friend but nailing her down for dinner plans is hard!

Here’s what I mean…

No one knows what to call her or when she’ll be in town - She has so many different versions and varieties so I thought I’d break it down here with my take on each type.


1) Silver Dollar Euc.

First off we have the “Voted most popular”… Silver Dollar Euc. (I’m just gonna abrev from here on out because I don’t want to type Eucalyptus a bajillion times. mmmmmk).

Named silver dollar euc due to her giant, silver dollar sized leaves.

Pros: Makes a statement, covers lots space, great bang for your buck

Cons: Can take over the show… the leaves are so big they can be all you see at times.



2) Seeded Euc

Seeded Euc is beautiful and creates a lot of texture!

Pros: Texture, great color, great for filling in holes in your design

Cons: VERY inconsistent, you can get a bunch like the one shown or one with really heavy seeds or one with dark seeds or one with more leaves than seeds. This variety is more like a box of chocolate… you never know what you’re gonna get but you’re happy because you have a box of chocolate!


3) Gumdrbo Euc.

This variety is new to me. I’ve used it before but I always thought it was just small silver dollar. Wrong! It’s it’s on variation so I’m just going to stop trying to compare it to it’s “older sibling” and let it shine on it’s own.

Pros: Color, size, shape, has that perfect Eucalyptus feel to it. Seems pretty consistent

Cons: Very hard to order. It’s one of those things you just get and you’re happy. But spacial ordering it is almost a sure fire way to NOT get it. Odd, I know.



4) True, Baby Blue, or Spiral Euc.

Three names, same euc.

Pros: Smells like the spa, gives you long reach (think long stems for big arrangements or arbors) and wonderful texture. Also perfect dusty green color.

Cons: It’s pretty rigid and the linear leaf structure can be hard to work with at times (feels like it’s just sticking out). The oil from the plant can seep into your skin (for me it’s a bit overpowering but some love it

eucalyptus parvi.jpg

5) Parvifolia Euc

I love this euc. It is full, great bang for your buck and I guess I’m already getting into the pros…

Pros: Full and fills in arrangements beautifully. The little shoots off of one stem elongate it’s usage and are perfect for floral crowns, bouts, bud vases. Basically it’s a great use for all your needs.

Cons: 🤔I’m really having to think on this one… maybe the growers bunches can be small? It’s a good one.


6) Feather Euc.

Not sure it reminds me of a feather but I get the name when looking at it.

Pros: Long reach and airy. Perfect for organic arrangements and light texture.

Cons: Doesn’t cover or fill much space. Takes more to create a full feel. I’d use it more as an accent.


7) Gunni Euc.

Not unlike the parvifolia, the difference is basically the leaf structure. Gunni has small leaves rounded at the tips and Parvifolia has pointed leaves at the tip. Not much different.

Pros: Perfect for creating full arrangements with its many shoots from one stem. You can break the stem down and use the shoots to elongate its usage. Another workhorse greenery with a great bang for your buck.

Cons: Can curl at the tips and create more of a drape than some want and be heavy feeling but that’s if I’m trying to come up with a con.


8) Willow Euc.

When I think of koalas eating eucalyptus this is the image that pops in my mind.

Pros: Very full bunches, light and airy and helps create a whimsical feel.

Cons: Not my fave only for it’s very light and airy and doesn’t provide much bulk for an arrangement. I’d use it more for texture and as an accent and not a main green.

Comment below with any greenery or flower questions you may have!

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