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DIY Simple Flower Girl Crown

This simple flower crown technique…

will save you time and money!

Flower girl crowns do NOT need to take a lot of time or cost a lot of money. Most of these crowns (depending on how many you need to make) can mostly be made up from the leftover blooms.

What that means exactly? Well here… we’ll show you!

From one stem of roses you can usualy get 3-6 blooms and from one stem of wax flower and greenery (more specifically eucalyptus) you can get 3-4 offshoots (as we call them) from just one stem. So you can really stretch your product. Check out the video to the right to see! I always encourage people to SAVE EVERYTHING!

With these pieces you’ve saved, you can make little flower crowns (full disclosure, we like to allot for the blooms just incase there aren’t enough left over), extra bouts, or some extra bud vases!

But we digress… Here’s what you’ll need to make this super simple, yet super cute flower crown!


  • Snips

  • Paddle Wire

  • Flocked Wire


  • Eucalyptus stems (or whichever greenery you prefer)

  • Spray Roses (8-10)

  • Stems of Wax Flower

Full Video Tutorial 👇!

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