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DIY Centerpiece Using Chicken Wire!

Woo Hoo! Now you don’t have to worry about being environmentally conscious while DIYing your wedding flowers like a the capable person you are!

Chickenwire, or floral mesh for us fancies, is a wonderful way to help create the foundation or structure that more centerpieces need. It’s similar to floral foam in that it anchors the stems and holds them in place but is WAY better for the environment. Win Win.

Below you’ll find:

  • My chickenwire vase prep… don’t worry it is NOT hard.

  • The floral recipe and what you’ll need.

  • A quick tutorial to show you how easy it is!

This arrangement cost $65 and would likely be $125-$150 from a florist. If you LOVE this look but need to be a little more cost conscious, there are definitely ways to cut back. For instance, you could swap the roses for carnations and swap out the garden roses for regular roses. That alone would save you $25. Same look and feel, lower price point. 💫

Vase Prep

Floral Recipe


Quick Centerpiece Tutorial:

Full-length extended version can be found on our tutorials page!

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