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DIY Centerpiece - Holly Chapel Pillow

Who is Holly Chapple and why do I care about her pillow?

Well flower friends, that’s a great question. Holly Chapple is an insanely talented florist who created a really great tool to replace floral foam (which is not so great for the environment). She called it The Pillow and you use it in place of chicken wire, tape, or floral foam.  It is a great tool to help you make a centerpiece because it keeps the stems where you put them. This tool, in testing and comparison, was really similar to foam. It helped me use  WAY less greenery and flowers because you aren’t trying to overcompensate with more flowers because your stems keep moving and creating more holes!

This is a great tool for any DIY bride or budding floral designer. 

Centerpieces are not one size fits all and neither are these Pillows. There are multiple sizes to help with different sized arrangements. I found this tool helpful in that you could actually use half of the pillow for one centerpiece (more bang for your buck!). I was really surprised how easy it was to use and how similar it was to floral foam. If you have zero experience with flowers, it is a wonderful tool! 

We’ve made you a tutorial to show you how to use it - Easy peasy!

Floral Recipe:

  • 2 Ivory Spray Roses

  • 2 Peach Spray Roses

  • 3 Peach Stock

  • 5 Lavender Roses

  • 3 Toffee Roses

  • 3 Tweedia

  • Sprays of Rice Flower

  • Stems of Salal/Lemon Leaf

  • Stems of Gunni Eucalyptus


  • Holly Chapple Pillow (you can find them on Amazon)

    • There are three sizes. 8”, 6”,and 4” - use according to your vase size. 

  • Snips

  • Waterproof floral tape

  • Vase or compote (shallow vase)

  • Water

Centerpiece Tutorial:

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