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DIY Floral Hoop

I’m sure you’ve seen them… The gorgeous alternatives to a traditional bouquet for you or your bridal party. These floral hoops can be intimidating but we’ve made these floral hoops or wreaths a time or two and have perfected a technique to not only be easy and approachable, but a LOT easier to make! 

As with most floral pieces, you can go hard on this or you can go home! JK, you can make it as elaborate or as delicate as you please. Use this DIY tutorial to ensure your floral hoops are top-notch and stay intact through your entire celebration! 

How to:
Make DIY Floral Hoops For Your Wedding- Full length video tutorial below

These are a lovely alternative to traditional wedding bouquets!

Flower Recipe:

  • 4 Spray Roses

  • 2 ranunculus

  • 1 lisianthus

  • 1 quicksand rose

  • Bleached fern

  • Bleached Ruscus

  • Stems of Wax Flower

  • Stems of Salal

  • Stems of Eucalyptus


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