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Floral Recipes

What even are Flower Recipes?

It's just like it sounds... same concept as baking, but with blooms.

Flower Recipes let you know what's actually in a bouquet and (spoiler alert) it doesn't have to be an S-ton of floral to be gorge. At Bloom Culture we break wedding flowers down for you in an easy to read, easy to put together sort of way that makes DIY less of a stuck up popular girl in high school and more of a miss congeniality.

Way less stressful and WAY more approachable. We wont make you feel dumb for asking questions or not wearing the latest trends, because flowers are people too… you know what I mean...

Example Bouquet Recipe:

  • 3-4 Stock
  • 3-4 spray roses
  • 3-4 lisianthus
  • 8 quicksand roses
  • 4 ranunculus
  • Stems of eucalyptus
  • Stems of Salal
  • Stems of wax flower

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