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DIY Flower Cuff

Wedding Flower Cuffs are a modern alternative to Traditional Corsages.

Bridal party flowers are a tradition that has been a part of weddings to delineate people in close relation to or special to the bride and groom. More specifically corsages are typically given to the MOB and MOG along with grandmothers and, if they have a special role or the bride and groom want to honor them, aunts, sisters, and close friends may receive a corsage too.

We get asked all the time, who is supposed to wear a corsage? The good news is that tradition isn’t such a requirement in weddings anymore. Many couples ask the recipients if they even want one! In other words, you do you, and give it to who you want to give it to (or in some cases, who asks for one… it happens!) 

We wanted to show you an updated approach to a traditional corsage. Wedding corsage to make it more modern!




  • Spray roses
  • Hypericum Berry
  • Camomile/Feverfew
  • Leather Leaf
  • Salal
  • Eucalyptus

DIY Flower Cuff Video Tutorial

Want to see all the steps you need to follow to create your own gorgeous flower cuffs? Follow along in our Video Tutorial for an easy way to update a traditional corsage for your wedding! 

Bonus Tutorial: Greenery Cuff

If you're not into colorful florals and are going for a more natural vibe, this Greenery Cuff a fun little spin on a traditional floral-based corsage. Simple, Easy, and Beautiful! 

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