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That Dried Floral Trend

Okay people.

Everyone is straight loosing their mind over dried, bleached, & preserved floral elements.

In this blog we’ll share our tips and tricks for using dried (and or bleached) flowers and greenery.

Also, there is a BONUS Dried Bout Tutorial at the end to show you how to make your own dried and textured bouts.

You can also use these elements for bouquets and centerpieces!

Exploring that Dried, Dyed, & bleached flower trend that's so hot right now.png

It is winter which means it’s the perfect season to forage dried elements for your upcoming wedding or event. Forage now, use later 💁‍♀️. Take a look around your back yard (or a friends/family members). There are SO many hidden gems, you just have to know what to look for (see that whispy grass below, that’s from my back yard!). OK, so once you get the goods… what do you do with them? 👇

Mix the dried elements with fresh!

It’s great to balance the dried or dyed elements with fresh flowers and greenery. It’s allows for so much texture and variation in color. In the example below you can see this fun mantle installation we did a while back for a photoshoot. The base was mainly dried elements and as we crawled up the mantle we used more fresh elements; you can see the dried bits mixed throughout. We foraged all the dried items (even the pampas shoots) from some land our friends let us roam on! Some of the dried stuff was old parvifolia eucalyptus I had left over that dried in a bucket that I forgot about! I loved how it curled and curved and it added some great movement to the piece!

Pro Tip. Start with the dried then add the fresh, you’ll likely wind up using less fresh and save money!

Forage or source from friends!

Our bride to be Reid is making the most of items she’s able to get easily. Her brother has a giant Pampas bush she was able to forage from and her mom has access to great dried palms through her job! How wonderful!

Our advise? Talk to friends and family to see what they may be able to help you with or if they know someone who can help you find what you’re looking for. Your inner circle is a GREAT resource for finding things you can use on a budget. Even if it’s just allowing you to snip a few things from their yard or property.

Remember Always ask before you cut! A lot of these things people and parks use for landscape and it’s never okay to take someones landscaping or cut from a public park. Forage wisely!

And as promised, here is a BONUS Dried Bout Tutorial

You can legit make these pieces from old/dried/foraged items from your yard. Follow our easy tutorial to see how we did it and what we used!

Dried Bits:

  • 1) Dead/Dried Crepe Merttle Bush Buds

  • 2) Tall Grass found in my yard

  • 3) Dried Baby Euc

  • 4) Dried Thistle

  • 5) Dried/Bleached Bunny Tail Grass

  • 6) Dried Israeli Ruscus


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