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DIY Bud Vases

For some reason people really question what a bud vase is. Well, we’re gonna break that down for you all here. YAY!

Bud vases are just that… a vase that is meant to hold a single or, in most cases, a few (1-4) stems of flowers with greenery. Traditionally you’d see a bud vase with a single rose, a stem of leather leaf, and a spray of baby’s breath.

Today however, they are much more dynamic, vibrant (or not depending on your color palette 🥰), and can really pack a punch on a table design.

Bud vases come in all shapes in sizes. Some are tall and some are short. Some are fairly simple and other are more “fancy’. One thing that stays the same and will qualify your vase as a bud vase is that the opening or diameter can be no greater than…

1 inch.

That’s right. It can be 18”, heck 24” Inches tall and it can be a bud vase as long as the opening isn’t more than 1 inch in diameter. See, you only need to put a few well placed and thought out blooms here. It’s a great way to make an impact on a table, or other spaces in the reception,

I usually use odd numbers when using bud vases and usually stick to 3 or 5, with three being the most popular.

Type of Bud Vases

Pay attention to the smallest opening too. The vases in front have a wide mouth, or opening, but the neck is much skinner, limiting the amount of stems that can actually fit in the vase! I know it’s not rocket science, but I'm guilty of thinking WAY more can fit in a bud vase than actually can. Think of a beer or wine bottle, I’ve been surprised with how limiting they can be, but remember, the opening isn’t supposed to be big! A few blooms do the trick in this design. 💫

Floral Recipe

Quick Bud Vase Tutorial:

Full-length extended version can be found on our tutorials page!

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