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How Much a Bridal Bouquet Costs


"How much will it cost me to make my own bridal bouquet?"

Price points will vary depending on the look you're going for, but a general guide is between $100 and $200.

But let's break it down a bit more.

This bouquet is full of specialty flowers and would be considered on the more "pricey" side.

  • * Mauve Lisianthus

  • * Juliette Garden roses

  • Dark Red roses

  • Quicksand Roses

  • White Spray roses

  • * Gomphrena

  • * Astrantia

  • Veronica

  • * Cosmos

Copy of Recipe1 (1).png

Why? Specialty flowers (the one with the asterisk by them) are more pricey for two reasons. They have a higher price point per flower ( $2.00 - $3.00 per stem) and come in smaller bunches, only 10 to a bunch. A garden rose is even more pricey at around $5 -$6 a stem (these sometimes come in a 12 stem bunch and other times a 20 stem bunch, it ranges for some reason). Other less pricey and non-specialty flowers come at a price-point of $1-$2 (carnations I’m looking at you) and have a larger wholesale bunch quantity of about 25 stems per bunch.

But don't fret, we typically only do specialty roses, like the beautiful peach Juliette Garden Roses pictured here, for the bridal bouquet. To help cut down on overall costs, we then use a similarly colored regular rose (at half the cost) for the rest of the wedding. Because we understand that the bouquet (and bride) is usually the most photographed at the wedding, we think it's totally okay to spend a bit more there!

If you’ve got questions, we’ll answer them! Just comment below or shoot us an email!

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